Direct Billing

Direct Billing ("Buy via T-Mobile”) is an innovative way to conduct transaction on the Internet using a mobile phone implemented commonly by Avantis S.A. and the carrier T-Mobile.

"Buy via T-Mobile" is a complementary service for Premium SMS. It can not replace them, but expands payment options on the website. In distinction from the Premium SMS, where prices are defined, "Buy via T-Mobile" is characterized by the ability to specify prices, depending on the needs of Internet service.

"Buy via T-Mobile" works in Carrier T-Mobile, which means that only users of that carrier can perform transaction. The value of transaction is added to licence fee or deducted from pre-paid account.

Perform of transaction by the user is very easy:

  • Users chooses option "Buy via T-Mobile" on the product he wants to buy,
  • He enters phone number in special field on the transaction site,
  • He receives SMS to confirm the transaction,
  • He accepts the transaction by sending an sms with confirmation (SMS is free of charge) ,
  • the transaction is completed.